Still under Construction, but feel free to browse around, and wear your eye protection


Check out my Gallery. It has a good selection of the things I've done.

For info on getting pictures to me for engraving, Email me. I will set up an account in my gallery for you. You can then visit my Gallery, "login" and upload your pictures. This saves you from having to email them to me as attachments, larger pictures might not make it through due to some ISP's size restrictions.

Picture Requirements:

  1. Large as you can work with, 600dpi is preferred.
  2. Color is OK, I can make it grey-scale.
  3. Photos without a lot of background items engrave best, and takes less processing on my part to make look good.
    1. Clouds and trees, repeating items like that are fine .
  4. Offering me a couple pictures to choose from is OK too, tell me via email which you like best and I'll help you narrow down what would look best engraved.

You can also send me your picture via regular mail and I'll scan it in myself. This is my preferred method so I can start at a very high resolution. You will get the picture back when I give you your engraved item. Email me and I'll give you the address.


Here, take a look at my Flyer, it's in PDF format.

For any questions you might have, send me an Email.